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Veröffentlicht: 22-08-2016 | Gespielt 24,051 male

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Driftin io it's a real Furious, racing around the track. In Driftin.io you control d the shapes. Your goal is to overcome the circle as fast as possible without colliding with other players in this multiplayer online browser game. Genießen Sie und teilen mit Ihren Freunden!

Driftin.io is first io racing game, in which you compete on a cars with other players. This is real Fast and the Furious, you will get a lot of adrenaline. At the moment, there are many other io Racing Games, like Cararena.io. If you like this cool game, maybe you want to play also Cursor io great cursor game, great strategic games Zombs.io and MooMoo.io, cool snake games Wormax io and Slither io. Play this game online in full screen mode + watch walkthrough.


Use your mouse to drifting. Press left mouse key to accelerate.

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