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Petri Dish

Veröffentlicht: 16-01-2016 | Gespielt 107,689 male

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Petri Dish

Petri Dish it is a direct competitor to the popular multiplayer games Agario and Biome 3D. The rules of the game are the same as in the agar.io. Play against other players around the world in this exciting game. Try it, maybe this version of the game you like more than the previous! At the moment, the game is not available in three languages: Russian, English and French. Genießen Sie und teilen mit Ihren Freunden!

Many people say that the Petri dish is better than Agario. I do not know if this is really so, But this online game became very popular in our .io online games list. The game has a lot of skins, you can choose your own clan, use cheats and gain weight. Do not leave OBFOG after playing the game, try these other great games Slither.io cool snake game, tank Diep.io game and Wormax.io great worms game.


Use W to eject mass and feed, Space to split, Esc to select Menu, F11 to enter full screen, Arrow keys or mouse click to navigate the map (spectator mode), E to turn the compass on/off, F to pause.

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