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Verhungern io

Veröffentlicht: 27-03-2017 | Gespielt 17,066 male

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Verhungern io

By the creators Oib and Limax the new multiplayer .io game Starve.io, similar to the super popular Mope.io. You have to survive in the cold and kindle fire, get food, grow food, create objects and kill enemies with a sword. You can attack the enemy or live with him. Also you will meet different animals which you can use as food. Genießen Sie und teilen mit Ihren Freunden!

Crafting things, use recipes and on the full screen in a new strategic online game. This online game Minecraft style quickly gained popularity and became a hit in our io Games List. If you like this strategy game, than try this cool games: Moomoo.io and Glor.io and newest zombie startegy game Zombs.io. This games are similar to this and recently came out.


Use Arrow or WASD keys to move, mouse to collect resources, craft and fight.

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